Green Geek Recycling

Green Geek Recycling was founded to provide government, schools, businesses and individuals with an economical way of disposing of electronics, computers, and other items. We offer free commercial pickup of any electronics and computer surplus at NO CHARGE. After we have picked up the items, they will be recycled properly, protecting our environment from any harmful pollution.

The Need

Node 1 has been in the computer repair/service business for many years. We understand how fast technology changes and the need to upgrade existing systems every few years. Once upgrades have been completed, the problem that occurs is the old computer equipment must be properly disposed of. We began recycling because we were producing waste ourselves. Everyday, we were getting old computers that customers did not want or computers that were too old to be fixed. We also run a large wireless Internet service that has several spare electronic parts. These parts needed to be disposed of and recycled properly.

The Solution

We created a whole new division in our company dedicated to E-waste. We have been able to successfully re-use thousands of obsolete items, parts, and accessories to entities throughout the world. We also have partnerships with large manufacturing facilities that refine the metals and plastics in the obsolete items.

Green Geek Recycling will take your unwanted, old, or obsolete equipment and recycle or dispose of it in an environmentally safe and legally compliant manner. Green Geek Recycling erases the data contained on hard disk drives by degaussing them with an approved NIST and NSA degausser/hard drive eraser. This ensures that the drive is completely wiped and is complaint to all HIPPA and applicable laws. We also have the capability of bringing our degaussing system to your business or organization to destruct drives onsite. We offer these services at no charge when recycling the drive with us. Please note: Degaussing of hard drives erases all data, formatting and the factory installed magnetic servo tracks located on the hard disc platters. Therefore, the hard drive will be unusable after degaussing and will be recycled back into raw materials.

Green Geek Recycling makes every attempt to reuse assets before recycling. Often, items are better utilized as pieces or parts when they are no longer working. When the unit is completely obsolete, Green Geek Recycling performs recycling by dismantling and sorting the by-products (plastic, metal, wire, printer circuit boards, etc.) for future use in manufacturing.

Green Geek Recycling can create asset reports for clients detailing the items recycled. As a standard procedure, we remove all asset tags from equipment. All clients receive a certificate of recycling.

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